Bacchetta recumbents are great for touring and racing.Bacchetta: \BA-KET-TA\ noun, 1: Italian for stick; 2: a blazingly fast recumbent bicycle!

Arriving feet-first on the recumbent scene in 2001, Bacchetta has quickly made a name for themselves with their line of fast, fun racing and touring recumbent bicycles. Their innovative frame design started a revolution in the industry and has become the benchmark by which racing recumbents are measured.

Bacchetta's Italian race-machine inspired recumbents deliver an unparalleled riding experience with style. Their mono-tube designs strike a perfect balance between comfort and efficiency while maintaining impressive lightness. And they match each of their Ride a Bacchetta and smile!fantastic frames with an equally fine set of components to produce the ultimate 'bents.

Not satisfied with just building great bikes, Bacchetta continues working to bring the recumbent gospel to the rest of the cycling world, supporting nationwide cycling organizations and attending local cycling events across the USA. Bacchetta also competes in the annual ultracycle event Race Across America, speedily smashing records and stereotypes while spreading smiles as they go.

So whether you're planning a cross-continent tour, comfy lunchtime cruises, or want to feel the wind in your face without the strain on your back, we've got the perfect Bacchetta for you!

Stop by today and let a Bacchetta put a smile on your face!