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Welcome to Basically Bicycles

Basically_Bicycles_Turners_Falls_MassachusettsBasically Bicycles, a full service bicycle shop serving western Massachusetts and beyond since 1992, is an owner-operated bike store dedicated to providing personalized service and excellent value.  As New England's leading recumbent bike dealer, we stock a large selection of recumbent bikes and recumbent trikes, as well as electric bikes, plus comfort, mountain, tandem bicycles, and all the bike parts and accessories you need to enjoy your bike to the fullest.

Please check out our online catalog to see some of the great prouducts we sell or better yet, come in soon, take a test ride, and see what we've got for you.

Buyer's Guide to Car Racks

Basically Bicycles sells car racks for 
recumbent bike and trikes.One of the most frequent questions we get here at Basically Bicycles is “How do I put that recumbent bike on my car?” Although most recumbent bikes will fit on traditional style racks, some racks are better suited for recumbent bikes than others. We carry many racks that are well-suited for recumbent bicycles and trikes.

Check out the Basically Bicycles buyer's guide to car racks for an overview of rack types and tips on how you can take your recumbent bike or trike with you.

Bacchetta Recumbent Bikes at Basically Bicycles

Bacchetta recumbent bikes for sale at Basically Bicycles

Check out the Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0. You'll love the comfort and performance of this race-ready recumbent bike. See all the Bacchetta recumbent bikes at Basically Bicycles today! (Call for pricing and options.)

Spring is coming!

Sun Seeker Recumbent Trikes are in stock now

Sun seeker eco tad recumbent trikeSun Seeker Eco Delta recumbent trike   Basically Bicycles has the new Sun Seeker recumbent trikes in stock. These affordable entry level trikes may be just what you need to get out and get some exercise while you get around. Tadpole and delta models are both available. Fun seekers like Sun Seekers!

Catrike's Folding trikes are here

Catrike 5.5.9 recumbent trike foldedCatrike's folding recumbent trikes--the 5.5.9 and the folding Trail--give you a great ride and more options for transport and storage. The Catrike 5.5.9 recumbent trike offers unparalled comfort for anyone who loves long distance rides and great handling. The Catrike folding Trail is even more compact, thanks to its 20 inch rear wheel. Along with great Catrike handling, both of these recumbent trikes offer many standard features to enhance your comfort and riding performance, including a
padded seat, ergonomic adjustable seat back, paddes wrist rests, multi-purpose clipless pedals, and more. Check one out at Basically Bicycles.

Bright flags enhance your visibility

Reflective bicycle flagTreat yourself to a bright new flag, and make yourself more visible wherever you ride. Whether you need a flag with reflective panels, or a super colorful flag for daytime riding, Basically Bicycles has you covered--in eye-catching style! Recumbent riders are especially fond of these US-made flags. Check out the new flag options today!

Bike lights extend your ride day

Cygolite Dash and Cygolite Hotshot bicycle lightsWith shorter fall days on the way, one way to extend your riding time is to invest in great bike lights that help you see and be seen. Lighting technology has come a long way, and bright, lightweight, small, reachargeable fornt and rear lights are now available at very reasonable prices. Order headlights tail lights today to enjoy morning and evening rides throughout the fall.

BionX Electric Bike Conversion Kits give you a boost

bionx electric bike convertion kit

In-stock models on sale now! Save 10% through January 2016.

Just about any bike can become an electric bike when you add a BionX electric bike kit. You'll enjoy riding regardless of your age or training level as BionX gives you the ability and confidence to challenge steep climbs, front winds and stronger riders. BionX boosts your power from 25% to 300%, and offers up to four levels of assistance. Your bicycle can take you anywhere--work, school, across town--without fatigue. Try one today! Contact Basically Bicycles about our special offer on select models.

Used Catrike Villager for sale

White used Catrike Villager for sale. A classic Catrike Villager for sale on consignment. You'll appreciate the famous Catrike handling, sturdy single-position frame and Grip shift. This trike is in excellent condition, and ready for many more years of great riding.

Our Daily Cycling Tip

Ride behind when teaching your kids how to ride on the road.

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